Positronic Farms is a startup company working to create a state of the art wholesale recreational marijuana cultivation facility in Holyoke, MA.

Grow Pods

Our grow pods are 20 by 30 foot sealed rooms containing 24 grow lights mounted to the ceiling, fans to circulate air, an HVAC system to maintain ideal temperature and humidity and a CO2 enrichment system to increase plant growth. Each pod contains 18 grow carts – hydroponic flood trays suspended above the floor by metal carts with caster wheels. Each cart is connected to a system which circulates nutrient solution through the flood tray to water and feed the plants.

Grow carts are loaded with plants from the nursery, rolled into the grow pod for the 8-10 week flowering cycle, then rolled out to the harvest/trimming room for processing.

In this quarter we intend to build our first prototype grow pod along with the first set of grow carts.